Flikken Maastricht: Dutch police series Role: Bran Collans Bran was ex-IRA and spoke Dutch with a Northern Irish accent. He became the love interest for one of the serie's lead characters and ultimately became the season's 'bad-guy' whose real name was Gary Utters.
Heineken: The Candidate Role: Mr. Ross, the boss Heineken wanted an innovative way to recruit new talent and bolster their brand image at the same time. This short film won the Silver Lion in Cannes and has become the subject of academic studies with over 5,000,00 views.
The Loanshark Role: The borrower A short, parody commercial where the borrower takes the upper hand.
Alberta: Feature film Role: Buster (Butter) the Mounty Alberta tells the story of Freek, a man going through a mid-life crisis. He takes his new girlfriend, Alberta, to Alberta, Canada where he meets two Mounties, Brad (Bread) and Buster (Butter). Although the duo are the comic relief in the film, towards the end of the film Buster reflects on his personal experience with Freek in an 8 minute philosophical monologue.